Terme della Trinacria

Panel 71 - Location

The baths were built in the Hadrianic period (AD 117-138) and transformed in the late 2nd century AD.

A service corridor leads into a large courtyard that also functioned as a frigidarium (room for cold baths) (A).

Another corridor (B), connected to the courtyard, has a mosaic floor with a personification of Sicily, or Trinacria, represented as a female bust with three legs on her head. It gives access to the heated rooms, which are in the south part of the complex.

Panel 71 - Figure 1Mosaic with a representation of Trinacria (room B) Panel 71 - Figure 2Reconstruction of the water wheel
(A. Pascolini)

One of the rooms has a mosaic floor with marine motifs (C), whilst it is thought that the adjacent room was used by male sex workers given the presence of an inscription on the mosaic floor.

Finally, the tepidarium (room for warm baths) has a mosaic with a scene of athletes receiving prizes (D).

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