Terme di Porta Marina (o della Marciana)

Panel 92 - Location

This large bath complex was built in the Trajanic period, in around AD 110, the date of the portrait of Marciana, the emperor Trajan’s sister, found inside.

Panel 92 - Figure 1Mosaic with a scene of athletes receiving prizes (B)

The building is arranged around a large courtyard surrounded by a colonnade that functioned as a gymnasium (A), and a bath sector on a higher level: the apodyterium (changing room) (B) had a mosaic floor of black and white tesserae depicting athletes, whilst a polychrome mosaic adorned the frigidarium (room for cold baths) (C), to which a large pool with an apse (D) was added in the 3rd century AD.

Panel 92 - Figure 2Portrait of Marciana found in the baths Panel 92 - Figure 3Discovery of the statue of the chaste Aphrodite inside the baths

The south sector of the complex was occupied by the heated rooms (E-G).

During the 4th century AD, part of the south wing (H), was turned into an independent bath complex directly connected to the Via Severiana.

The bath complex was the object of later renovations up to the period of Theodoric (AD 493-526).

Panel 92 - Figure 4Detail of the mosaic with sea motifs (I)

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