Terme di Buticoso

Panel 66 - Location

This privately-owned bath complex was built in around AD 110 and renovated a few decades later.

It was accessed through a long entrance hall with benches (A), decorated with paintings with plant motifs, which are repeated in the back room (B).

The heated rooms were in the western part: the mosaic floor of one of the hot rooms (C) depicts a nude male figure accompanied by an inscription with the name Epictetus Buticosus, who can be identified as the manager of the baths.

Panel 66 - Figure 1Detail of the mosaic representing Epictetus Buticosus (C) Panel 66 - Figure 2General view of the mosaic in the calidarium with a sea scene (E)

The calidarium (room for hot baths) preserves a mosaic with a sea scene (a Triton and a Nereid) and two marble-clad basins (E).

The water supply was guaranteed by a cistern equipped with a noria (water wheel), located in the adjacent Republican Sacred Area.

Panel 66 - Figure 3General view of the fresco with plant motifs on the back wall of room B

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