Molino del Silvano

Panel 46 - Location

The building, used for the production and sale of bread, was built in around AD 120 and was destroyed by a fire in the late 3rd century AD.

It had six tabernae (shops) (A) at the front, whilst the inner rooms, floored with road paving stones, served to mill the flour (B) and make the dough (C), as we know from the presence of millstones and basins made of lava stone; the bread was baked in the corner room, which has a large oven (D).

The bakery was connected directly to the Grandi Horrea on the opposite side of the street, where grain was stored.

Panel 46 - Figure 1Axonometric reconstruction of the building
(T. Bakker)

In the 3rd century, an uncovered passageway behind the bakery was turned into a cult space for Silvanus (E), the popular god of fields and woods.

Panel 46 - Figure 2Depiction of a miller from the Isola Sacra Necropolis Panel 46 - Figure 3Reconstruction showing how a mill worked
(A. Pascolini)

Panel 46 - Figure 4Watercolour showing the frescoes from the shrine

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