Quattro Tempietti

Panel 29 - Location

The complex, probably built in around the mid-1st century BC, consists of four buildings (A) of identical shape and size in opus quasi reticulatum on a single podium (B), facing towards a vast open area bounded by a wall (D).

Panel 29 - Figure 1Axonometric reconstruction of the temples
(P. Pensabene, E. Gallocchio)

These are the temples of Venus, Fortuna, Ceres and Spes (Hope) mentioned in an inscription found at Portus and built by Publius Lucilius Gamala, a magistrate belonging to an important Ostian family.

The sanctuary, dedicated to deities who protected sailing and commerce, lay near the river port within the area of public land marked out by the boundary stones of Caninius.

Panel 29 - Figure 2Detail of the brick decoration of the sanctuary Panel 29 - Figure 3Mosaic inscription mentioning the duumvir Cartilius Poplicola

The little temples were restored on numerous occasions, as we know from both the mosaic inscription of the westernmost temple mentioning the duumvir (municipal magistrate) Gaius Cartilius Poplicola (Augustan period) and the addition of a porch to the easternmost temple.

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